We no longer promote the Visual Link Spanish
Software Language program CDs.

We do support and sell both the Pimsleur language programs
and the Rosetta Stone language software programs for
Spanish and all other languages.

Mexican Language School Excursions to Cuernavaca and the Village of Tepoztlan, south of Mexico City
Tepoztlan, Mexican Village Market

Learning Spanish or any new language can be a fun and challenging thing to do.  The process of successful language acquisition involves using not one mode to learn the language, but the use of a multi-modal approach to learning. Many Spanish language schools and Spanish language software programs make it seem simple. It is not. It requires some very hard work, but it can also be fun and rewarding. There are limitations on tutoring, classes at the college level and using software.

We receive inquiries very year from students who want to learn to actually speak Spanish, not just study understand the verb forms and other structures of grammar. Usually these are students that have studied a language in high school or at the university level that complain that although they understand the structure of the language, they cannot speak it very well. Most of the time, this is because they were not encouraged nor given opportunities to speak! In a university Spanish class, even in a conversational Spanish class of 30-50 students, how many minutes in a semester or quarter does each student really spend speaking Spanish? Most of the time, it is less than 1-2 hours! Here we offer some tips  in this site for making your study of Spanish successful. These are some of the ideas that we have used that at have been useful to us in improving our Spanish skills!

Experiencia Spanish Schools: Studying and Learning Spanish in a Beach Week Class during a week long Spanish course.
Spanish Language Immersion School Beach Studies Trip in Mexico, south of Acapulco

Tepoztlan Spanish School Offers Opportunities for Language Immersion and Cultural Studies.
Mexican Independence Day Celebration

Also, we offer comments on specific Spanish learning and study products that you can use to enhance your learning. These include Spanish language software courses on CDs. Coming soon is a Spanish language software blog so that you all can share your own reviews and comments on Spanish language software.  

Complete Spanish Language Immersion includes a Mexican Homestay Family experience. Spanish immersion includes studies in a Spanish language school with cultural activities and a stay with a family.
Homestay Family: Rural Spanish Language School in Mexico, south of Mexico City

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